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You can experience a real personal relationship with God

Marathon of spiritual growth

Registration #30DaysToGod
Dear participant of the marathon #30daystoGod! We are very happy to see you in this project and believe that it will be a great blessing for you. Start January, 23 - February, 21
Before registering, please read the rules of the marathon:
1. Treat each participant of the marathon with respect, regardless of their beliefs and faiths. Show Christian love and tolerance; 2. Try to be present at all meetings, in case of absence, listen to the recording and complete the task; 3. Do not use the marathon sites to advertise and promote anything that does not concern the issue of personal relations with God.
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Dear participant of the marathon #toGodin30days!
If you have a question, you can ask it, and we will definitely answer you.
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About the marathon
Anyone who is interested in a qualitative change in their relationship with God and is willing to set aside 30 minutes in the morning every day for 30 days
The main mission
Encourage Christians and share the real experience of communion with God and a deep personal relationship with Him.
The marathon includes: morning reflections, practical tasks and feedback forms
What to do if God seems very far away?
How to crave communion with the Lord every day
How to spend a lot of time with Him and not talk in memorized phrases
Is it important at what time and for how long I pray?
Need answers?
What will you get?
A clear understanding of what a personal relationship with God is.
Constancy in prayerful communion with Him
Practical ideas for deep relationships
Reviews of the marathon
Feedback is very important to us!
Also we will be glad to have any wishes.
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Chilufya Mildred Sinkala
Speaker of the English marathon
Alina Ronzhina
Frank Chibungu
Social media administrator
Choolwe Nakalonga
Graphic designer
Seleznev Roman
Technical support
Hnatyshko Lilia
Graphic designer
Hnatyshko Vladimir
Polupanov Alexander
IT engineer
Zhukov Mikhail
Video maker
Chenkivski Laura
Rezepina Natalia
Translator / YouTube moderator
Natalya Bokov
Master's degree in Theology
Founder and speaker of the project
"30 days to God"
Since 2002, he has been serving for teenagers in Samara
He has been serving as a pastor since 2010
Since 2014, he has been serving as a youth pastor in the Volga Region

Director of the «anchor» Charitable Foundation
Founder of the Autonomous non-profit organization «Teen Club Pathfinder»
Anton Boikov
If you have any questions, please contact us in any convenient way: